Save The Bees & Have A Successful Garden

By providing pesticide-free safe havens with water, flowers and housing for bees, you collaborate with nature and play a small but vital role in reversing the dramatic pollinator declines that have occurred over the past few years. Here are a few tips we encourage you to try in your backyard.

House The Bees
Encouraging bees to visit your garden, this is a good idea for anyone who has fruit trees or berry bushes in their garden. Vegetable gardens with plants such as squash, tomatoes and peppers, need pollinators too. You can provide good nesting habitat by preserving a small brush pile, areas with dry reeds or grasses or deadwood.

Provide Water For Bees
Provide a water bowl with marbles, this is for the bees to drink from, the marbles slow the water evaporation and stop the Bees falling in and drowsing.

Feed The Bees
Single petal blossoms are best for bees. Flowers with double petals do not attract bees as well as single-petal blossoms. This is because most double blossoms offer less pollen and nectar than single blossoms. Often their extra set of petals has replaced pollen-laden anthers. Double blossoms also make it more difficult for bees to reach the inner flower parts.

We talk a lot about gardening in this blog to encourage you to help raise your spirits because of the amazing connection with Mother Earth. The rewards are no less with experiencing the beauty of Mother Earth’s creations. When the weather comes around so that we can witness the new growth of beautiful plants, trees and flowers blooming – We feel good!


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