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Diana Ross Family PictureBy: Diana Ross Co-Founder Breast Cancer Yoga

Well our (me, my daughter, Dawn, and granddaughter, Desiree) first year anniversary for the authority blog is here. Unbelievable that the blog has turned out to be one of the most loving community based forums so I thought it fair and appropriate to share my own story about breast cancer.

My daughter, Dawn and I lived in Brockport, NY in the late 70s and early 80s. I studied at SUNY Brockport for a BS in Physical Education, Health Sciences and Holistic Health. Obviously I was well entrenched in health. Being vegan, on the Swim Team and an avid bike cyclist should spell out good health. Well one day I felt that lump in my right breast and boy was it painful. I did ignore it initially, after all I didn’t even have a doctor to go to. Finally a friend said check it out; go to Planned Parenthood. I did and sure enough they sent me to a breast surgeon and after a few tests it came back as cancer. Now comes the truth about my journey. I really didn’t connect with this cancer. Again, after all I was doing everything right and I just finished my education on how complementary therapies, a clean vegan diet and exercise are viable alternatives to the chemotherapy, radiation or worse both for the cure. I refused the offered treatments and believed that I needed to go deeper. I did feel that my breast cancer was a manifestation of all the painful events in my past. I know not all of you see it that way but I did suppress a lot of painful past memories. I knew I needed to release that pain and begin to forgive others as well as myself.

After my lumpectomy I then decided to become a raw vegan. Heck I got down to a approximately 5% body fat. I committed myself to a yoga and meditation practice, and I slowed everything up. I wanted to vibrate at the earth’s level. I was known to be a bit on the fast side so this in itself was quite the challenge. Dawn and I then moved to Long Island from Rochester. We stayed at a friend’s home by the beach while I slowly looked for a job. I was fortunate to have a friend that supported me, and I must tell you Dawn and I were happy moving to Long Island. It was like moving and living inside a terrarium. Paradise I tell you. All this helped me move on and heal. Back then there were no Pink anythings, no support groups and very little conversation. I refused to commit to my breast cancer. However, I did commit to myself and proved that how I lived and loved was the cure for me.

My sister recently shared her story. She was diagnosis with Stage 4 but we talked about this commitment of staying healthy and looking at life a bit differently. She too is vegan. She believed the Gerson Diet was the way and she is doing awesome. Now my story is mine and not to be confused with anyone else’s. You need to do what your heart tells you to do. That is the answer: to believe and then to manifest health.

Even today it feels just like a story and not like it really happened. Something tells me I am not alone with that thought.


Diana RossAbout Diana Ross: E-RYT 500 restorative yoga teacher, survivor that cares and founder of Breast Cancer Yoga. Diana is making a difference with Breast Cancer Yoga therapeutic products designed to support you emotionally and physically during breast cancer . We want to give you the attention and personal service you need so please email us at if you have questions.

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  1. Thank you for sharing. I see a lot of myself in your words. Though not a vegan, I was “healthy”, doing weights, low impact aerobics and under a lot of stress at work. I believe that our souls never feel dis-ease, no matter the illness, which is why we can distance ourselves. It is also our soul which heals; whether our bodies do or not. I am committed to helping other survivors live in wellness – today!


  2. Thank you everyone. I love the fact that Catherine got the fact “I didn’t commit to the disease.” I commited to wellness. Still do.


  3. Catherine says:

    Thank you for sharing your inspiring story! I love the fact that you did not “committ” to the cancer but to the healing.This is very inspirational as well as very moving.


  4. Dianna,

    I just read your blog. OMG. I had no idea. I humbled. Now I really have to come up there for a visit.

    Sent from my iPhone


  5. Valerie Kelly-Hodenius says:

    Thanks for sharing your story with me!
    Love you


  6. That was a beautiful story. Thank you for your honesty and compassion and for sharing that part of your journey with us.
    – Andrea


  7. Yolande Hardy says:

    nice Date: Sat, 3 May 2014 10:01:09 +0000 To:


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