Half Serenity Seat Yoga Pose For Breast Cancer

By Diana Ross, E-RYT 500 Founder of Breast Cancer Yoga.

Karen Sotiriou, Massage Therapist and dedicated restorative student is enjoying this modified Half Serenity Seat. All yoga poses help with bringing the body into balance, and this pose is no exception. It offers both the lengthening of the hamstrings and the opening of the hips. Coming forward deepens the intensity of opening the hips and lengthening the hamstrings. This teaches us that we need to let go of any holding and just soften in the pose. Now bring the breath into your awareness and rest. Take your time with this pose and explore when you are tight

Great for stretching hips, thighs and ankles
Opens hamstrings
Decompresses Sciatica nerve
Stretches lower spine
Lengthen and relaxes lower spine in forward fold
Clears hip joint of tension
Develops the muscles in the legs (gluteus maximus and vastus lateralis)

Caution: Serious knee problems make sure your knee is comfortable. Do not force it.


  1. Begin seated on a bolster or multiple folded blankets to offer height for the  pose. Place another prop in front so legs can rest and not hang freely. This also provides a great support for the foot.
  2. Extend both legs, then cross left leg over right, bend at the knee and make sure right foot rests on lower prop. Both knees ultimately should be over each other.
  3. Lengthen the spine and feel your shoulders soften on the back body. Close your eyes and connect to your breath.
  4. If you feel uncomfortable at all, raise your seat. If there is pain, come out of the pose and cross your legs without bending your knee.
  5. When you are ready INHALE lengthen up again.
  6. EXHALE begin to come forward. You can let your head, arms and spine soften.
  7. Stay in the pose for 10 full breaths then release and flip flop your legs.
  8. When you are ready do the other side. Take your time; each side may be different.

To experience the benefits of yoga for breast cancer, it is essential that you begin with simple, gentle yoga movements. You should also consult a doctor before you begin practicing yoga. It is also necessary that you follow a yogic diet that consists of a mainly vegetarian diet to enhance the benefits of yoga.

Diana RossAbout Diana Ross:  E-RYT 500 restorative yoga teacher, survivor that cares and founder of Breast Cancer Yoga. Diana is making a difference with Breast Cancer Yoga therapeutic products designed to support you emotionally and physically during breast cancer . We want to give you the attention and personal service you need so please email us at info@breastcanceryoga.com if you have questions.

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