Give One Get Many!

Acts of Kindness for Breast Cancer

By  Elaine Silver – Emissary of Divine Law and Love.

One afternoon, in the summer of 1999, as part of my annual summer music tour out west, I was driving south on Route 68 heading towards Carmel, CA.  There was a lot of traffic heading in both directions, and when I got to a side street on my right, a woman was waiting to make a left turn to head north on Route 68. There just happened to be a break in the traffic heading north, so I stopped to allow her to make that left turn.  As she drove past me, she blew me a kiss, which not only took me by surprise, but it really made my day!  It just felt so good and gave me new faith in people who are strangers.  In fact I am still basking in that loving light as I recall the event.

Since that experience, whenever someone gives me a break in the traffic flow, I blow him/her a kiss too.  I hope and imagine that it lifts their spirits as it did for me, and continues to do for me, so many years later, as the ripple effect is Infinite.

What we set in motion keeps going.  Why not have it be a small (or big) act of kindness?  It builds upon itself, per the following research quoted from a 2002 article from Oprah’s website: “Can one person acting nobly spread goodness in the world?
‘Absolutely,’ suggests research by Jonathan Haidt, PhD, an associate professor of psychology at the University of Virginia. Haidt coined the term elevation to describe the emotion we feel when we encounter evidence of what he calls moral beauty.

Seeing—or even just reading about—others’ courage, compassion, or generosity can not only make us better people but increase the likelihood we’ll do good works of our own.

‘Elevation seems to have a ripple effect, triggering cognitive, emotional, and behavioral changes,’ Haidt says. ‘It makes people more open, more loving, grateful, compassionate, and forgiving.’

These feelings of elevation actually raise personal vibration.  When we raise our vibration, we can more easily attract things and situations that are wanted, such as physical healing.  And it’s very important to be clear and focus upon what it is we want, rather than what we don’t want.

I believe that the Universe always says “Yes.”  If we are continually focused on what is NOT desired, the Universe may very well demonstrate: “Yes! You DON’T want that.  And here is MORE of what you do not desire.”

This also shows us contrast, and when we become aware that we may be creating what we don’t desire, we can consciously move to better-feeling thoughts.  This is a practice and can take time and attention.

  • Do an act of Kindness for yourself.
  • Have the Intention to put your Attention on what it is you want.
  • As soon as you discover that you’re feeling any Tension, see this as contrast and a nudge from the Universe to “Let Go and Let God.”
  • Surrendering to what is can be a sacred act we do for ourselves and even those around us.

The more we practice this “Art of Allowing” the more we can be in the Flow.

I am very grateful for random acts of kindness being promoted and becoming more and more a part of humanity’s awareness.
Read more about Elevation:

For more about “The Art of Allowing” and “The Law of Attraction”:

"Faerie" Elaine Silver Singer/Songwriter

“Faerie” Elaine Silver Singer/Songwriter

By Elaine Silver – Emissary of Divine Law and Love
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  1. love it….blow a kiss it is!!!


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