Quinoa Veggie Curry2


  1. We’ll by no means win the war against cancer with our present approach. When you understand what cancer is and why there is so much of it these days you’ll understand why they’ll by no means find a cure. It’s exactly the same as trying to find a cure for scurvy which of course everybody knows is a vitamin C deficiency illness. With scurvy it is easily cured by eating a food item that consists of the missing vitamin.


  2. Cancer treatment is important to make sure correct cell development in eye area and eliminate abnormal cells in time. Abnormal cells that result in cancerous development divide and develop at a really higher price and also compel adjacent wholesome cells to behave unnaturally and function inefficiently. Abnormal cell growth also affects functioning of tissues and causes shortage of generation and supply of necessary resources to regular cells in the area. Therefore, presence of cancer cells affects general health of eyes.


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