Today is the Day

Diana Ross Founder of Breast Cancer YogaToday is the Day

“The desire to write grows with writing.” — Erasmus

By Diana Ross, E-RYT500 Founder of Breast Cancer Yoga
I cannot believe it is already September 15 and I am now writing my “Diana’s Desk” commentary.  However, I refuse to feel guilty of not completing my self imposed schedule (which I set) or feel shame from not being perfect and completing this task on time. Today is the day.  Life is too short to waste any time fretting about content or timing. I know that while I didn’t, others did. And Thank God for that.

What I am saying is “stay in the flow” of life. Spend your time and energy with who you want to be with, and doing what you want to do. Don’t ignore what you must do but be open to letting life flow a bit. Somehow someway when you trust in the flow or the law of attraction things happen perfectly. For me it is getting all my chores done and still having time to can 30 pounds of tomatoes or making sure that I take my own yoga classes twice a week so that I nurture myself. No, I will not feel guilty taking time out for me, and you shouldn’t either.

Being blessed with this authority blog and all the incredible and special contributors has given me an opportunity to trust in the flow, and so far I have gotten amazing results. I didn’t want to pressure anyone into writing. After all there are so many contributors and more coming that somehow I believed that there would always be great content coming through. Writing should be fun. It should be creative. There is no greater reward then putting your thoughts, knowledge and suggestions down on paper and helping others. I do love to write, and our writers do too. You can feel the passion and love that goes with every article. It is our way to serve – you!

Well with the summer ending and fall beginning, and not to mention October coming (Breast Cancer Awareness) there is a shift already becoming palpable and I cannot wait. I have heard back from some new special contributors. Hey and do’t forget to write. Yes!

Please invite your friends to join our blog.

Diana RossAbout Diana Ross:  E-RYT 500 restorative yoga teacher, survivor that cares and founder of Breast Cancer Yoga. Diana is making a difference with Breast Cancer Yoga therapeutic products designed to support you emotionally and physically during breast cancer . We want to give you the attention and personal service you need so please email us at if you have questions.

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  1. Lesley Ronson Brown says:

    What good advice you give us, Diana! Thank you.

    Guess what?! I am transforming myself into a technological/social media Diva (vs just a regular, oh-so-totally cool Diva!). With your development of this blog and your ability to reach so many, you are an inspiration to me. 😀 For years, I have told myself that I am not a technological person. I have other talents, blah, blah, blah. Well, I do have other talents, but I’d better get talented with technology if I want to stay in the communications loop! Ultimately, I am a communicator and I don’t want to deny myself the ability to reach people. I recently attended a meeting at the park district where I teach, and a man in his late 20’s was talking about the need for park district employees being careful what we put on social media; and he looked around the room, with this meeting of attendees primarily over 50, and he said, “Well, I really don’t have to talk about this much, based on who is in this room because for many of you this is not a concern.” Whoa!!!! Even though I am not a rampant social media user, I was incredibly offended and so were some of the people sitting around me. I don’t usually operate from a “proving someone wrong” mode, but his words did spur me on!

    Regarding the recommendation for LinkedIn, I believe this is what you do: Go to my profile…..scroll down to recommendations…at the bottom there will be a question: “DIana, would you like to recommend Lesley?”… you click on “Recommend Lesley” and then I guess you start writing. Is this what you did before? If this doesn’t work, please let me know.

    Did I tell you I am speaking at the Am. Cancer Society’s Pink Tea on Oct. 1? I think I did, and that I will mention our blog. A lot of my friends check it and share it with their friends. I get feedback that when they pass it along to anyone they know who is diagnosed with breast cancer, that it gives those women a feeling of being connected and more grounded. That is a wonderful thing. I also am a fundraiser for the Society’s Making Strides to End Breast Cancer fundraiser with my team called “Walkie Talkies”, and I will list our blog in communications to my donors.

    I am working on the actual writing of my 500-hour thesis and would like to include my blog contributions about lymphedema. I am assuming that is OK with you, but wanted to double check with you about that. Along the same lines, if I want to write my own book or booklet about dealing with cancer, chronic disease, handling other weird stuff in our lives, etc., is it all right with you if I include my lymphydema contributions? I would acknowledge the breastcanceryogablog as where they were first published, of course.

    Hope you have a wonderful day and please let me know if using my blog contributions per above is OK.

    Thanks, with love and cheer, Lesley

    P.S. How is Teresa?

    Lesley Ronson Brown1783 Warwick CourtWheaton, IL 60189630-927-0516



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