Do You Know What Chemicals Are Stored In The Breast?

Breast Cancer Toxin ChemicalsBy Rika Keck: Certified in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition & Holistic Life Coach

“Healthy Breasts”:Do you know what chemicals are stored in your breast tissue?

The renewed interest of the effect of environmental toxins on health at DNA level is terrific news. It is time to firmly increase awareness of the health implications, esp. cancer (and infertility), related to environmental toxins.
Detoxification is not a ‘Juice Cleanse’; it requires a much more comprehensive approach addressing lung, liver, kidney, skin and colon detoxification pathways. Specific nutrients, not drugs, are used in conjunction with this process and I also find that homeopathic which support drainage, moderated exercise and colonics are a great support in this transformative process.

Testing  For ToxinsTesting for chemical toxicity can have its challenges, why?

  • Toxins are not stored in the blood, thus they are hard to investigate in the blood.
  • If you have silver fillings, your blood levels might be low, yet you are storing mercury in your tissues, and organs.
  • Some toxins are stored primarily in fatty tissue. This is a large factor why some individuals cannot lose weight despite calorie restriction and exercise. The toxins must be mobilized and bound for elimination Mineral deficiencies will inhibit detoxification of metals and chemicals.
  • Only specific labs can do the testing. These are most often not covered by insurance.
  • Conventional medicine does not recognize the impact and dangers associated with environmental toxicity.
  • There is a strong link between environmental toxins and cancers. Toxins are stored in organs and tissues. Sluggish lymphatic flow is a hindrance regarding detoxification capacity. Tight clothing and bras (esp. in the armpit area) diminish lymphatic flow in the breast area.

Pesticides Cause Breast CancerWhy is it important to test your chemical exposure?

  1. Toxic chemicals can disrupt our hormonal balance and this can have implications especially regarding our thyroid and breast tissue health. A lot of toxins are stored in the thyroid, which is really a filter as the blood continuously passes through the thyroid, just as it does through the liver. Toxic chemicals include Fluoride, chlorine, bromine and others settle in the thyroid and they can inhibit optimal thyroid function.
  2. Fibrocystic breasts can be indicative of toxic overload. A need for an iodine supplement would be helpful in combination with lymphatic drainage and detoxification. I would not recommend the common ‘wait and see’ approach. I would want to change direction to restore non-­dense breast tissue.

Regarding chemicals and your hormones: Certain chemicals mimic estrogen. We call them ‘xeno-­‐estrogens’ as they behave like estrogen but are actually harmful chemicals. They are also known as ‘endocrine-­‐disruptors’. This affects babies, children, men and women. The ‘dangerous’ estrogen is implicated in various disease and hormonal imbalance conditions if it is out of balance.
Prevent recurrences of certain cancers, which are linked to chemical toxic exposure such as breast, uterine and prostate tissue. This particularly affects reproductive tissues such as breast, ovarian and prostate tissue.

What are common concerns for breast health?

  • Airborne chemical exposures e.g. hair sprays, perfumes, cigarette smoke.
  • Fabric cleaners, new carpets, dry-­‐cleaned clothes
  • Personal care products including parabens, ‘estrogen-­‐like’ hormones, 
shampoo, make-­‐up, deodorant, toothpaste
  • Plastic containers, esp. if put in the microwave (AVOID)
  • Commercial household cleaning products
  • Materials used in teeth restoration, root canals, crowns
  • Water: tap water, water in cheap plastic bottles

How can you find out what toxic load is in your body (and breasts)?

1) The EPP Test: (US BioTek) 
This is the “Environmental Pollutants Panel” test from US Bio Tek and it is very affordable esp. in view of the most valuable health information you receive. It will change your health (and life). 
This is a great and simple test to assess urinary metabolites connected to phthalates, benzene, styrene, toluene and more environmental toxins related to paints, furniture, air fresheners in offices, fragrances, car exhausts, plastics, polystyrene food containers and cups, cosmetics.

2) Urinary Metabolic Profile Test: (US BioTek) A simple Urine Collection Strip for over 36 metabolites!
This test is cutting edge and eliminates the need to freeze or refrigerate urine samples (used during Iraq/Afghanistan war – cutting edge technology to prevent spoilage of samples).

These tests are a must for any condition associated with Cancer, chronic fatigue, mental health concerns as it affects neurotransmitters, fibromyalgia, mold and or/chronic co-­‐infections related to Lyme’s, sleeping disorders, skin conditions and other chronic health conditions.

If you are having health challenges that you cannot get id rid of, consider the above testing. Both tests are affordable and will provide some missing pieces to the health challenges.

Rika_KechAbout Rika Keck: Find Rika at
 . Rika specializes in Nutrition, Fitness and  Women’s Wellness. Rika is Certified in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, also a CMTA Speaker, Corporate Wellness Consultant and Holistic Life Coach.

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  1. Harraman deep says:

    Thanks for this very important information


  2. Rachel Black says:

    How do I find out where to go for testing in my area?


    • Hello Rachel,
      Thank you for your interest. I learnt about this test from my association with Metabolic Typing. I you visit the Healthexcel website,, locate a Metabolic Typing Advisor in your area. Contact them and ask if they do the test. Not all are doing this work. You are always to connect with me at my website as I order the kits from the lab in Nevada.
      I hope this information helps you, regards Rika


  3. Ulrike Keck says:

    Wow, you ladies are so awesome, thank you!! Rika.


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