Herbed Tofu Salad Sandwich

Doesn’t this look amazing?

Kelli's Vegan Kitchen

Happy 4th of July, for everyone in the US! I hope you’ve had a day filled with sunny warm weather, relaxation and fun…

One of my great foodie loves is sandwiches. Not always very exciting, but with the right ingredients they can be some of the most wonderful dishes. I don’t make elaborate sandwiches myself very often though, because it seems like so much work for a few minutes of enjoyment … especially with big ones – I usually eat them very fast before they fall all over the place 🙂 .

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  1. Tofu is soy, which should be avoided if you have/had hormone positive breast cancer. The only “good” soy is fermented, like miso, and non-GMO, organic. Its unfortunately in most processed foods, like dressings, in the form of soybean oil (GMO) and not good for us at all. Plus commercially made breads are also not healthy…soybean oil, hydrogenated oil, etc. FYI


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