What is Essential Oils?

Lavender Essential Oil For Breast Cancer– Cynthia Shankman‏

Essential oils, also known as Aromatherapy, has grown in popularity in the breast cancer community over the past several years.  Along with other alternative therapies, such as massage, acupuncture, and energy healing, essential oils are now easily available for personal use.   There was a time when essential oils were only available from a professional Aromatherapist.  Today they can be purchased in stores, online, and at farmer’s markets.

Essential oils have a long history of use for health, wellness and beauty.  They used by the Egyptians for beauty and spiritual ceremonies.  In biblical times, oils were brought to the Christ Child as the most valued gifts of the times.

You may have interest in experiencing essential oils for yourself as they contain hundreds of healing compounds in just a single drop.  They smell great and contain antibacterial, antifungal, antispasmodic, anticancer, and antiseptic qualities.

Is important to understand that not all essential oils are created equal.  95% of all essential oils are created for the food and cosmetic industries; these oils do not contain the healing power of nature; they do not contain the hundreds of healing compounds in a single drop.   Let’s review the 4 different standards of essential oils so that you may get the best quality available.

Fragrance Grade:  These oils are used for perfumes, candles, and cleaning products.  Most often these fragrances are made from synthetic ingredients in a laboratory.  They do not contain healing compounds.

Food Grade: These oils are created for the food industry for use in mouthwash, chewing gum, mints, and candy, etc.  These oils are most often created in a laboratory of synthetic ingredients.

Health Food Store Quality:  These oils are an improvement over the other two previous synthetic categories.  They smell great and do contain some benefit, but they cannot be placed directly on the body or taken internally as supplements because they do contains some fillers, extenders, or are processed through low quality distilling practices.

Therapeutic Grade: These oils contain hundreds of healing compounds in each drop. They are properly distilled and properly packaged.  They are pure and contain no fillers.  They can affect the body for change through oxygenation, cleansing, calming, and focus.

Once you have secured high quality, therapeutic grade essential oils, there are many ways to use them on a daily basis for improving body, mind, and spirit.

Daily Uses For Essential Oils:

Improves flexibility
Improves sleep
Reduces aches and pains
Relieves nausea
Enhances beautiful skin
Improves eyesight
Diminishes scars
Cleanses mouth and teeth naturally
Replaces some over the counter medication
Relieves earaches
Reduces stress
Increases weight loss
Improves moods
Eases earaches
Soothes lung and respiratory issues
Treats foot problems
Heals cuts and scrapes
Repels bugs
Relieves allergies
Detoxs liver
Moves lymph

There is so much more that essential oils can do.

In coming months we will discuss the specific uses for all the varieties of therapeutic grade essential oils.


Cynthia ShanCynthia Shankmankman has spent the past 11 years on a personal journey of health and wellness. She recovered from acute heavy metal poisoning after having 13 amalgams removed from her teeth. She continued to recover her health by initiating lifestyle changes such as real food, exercise, cleansing her body, and using Essential Oils for all skin, body, and health care needs.  Cynthia is a true believer in growing younger each year and fully intends to be hiking trails at the age 100++ as a Total Lover of Life.  Cynthia is available for Young Living Oil consultations.  She assists and directs clients to the best and most proper use of pure therapeutic grade essential oils for health, wellness and beauty.

You can contact her by phone at 631-241-1496 or by email at cynthia.organicsparkle@gmail.com

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  2. I would love to hear more specifics such as how to use them and the benefits of different essential oils.


  3. helensamia says:

    Lemongrass is my favourite at the moment to help with Lympoedema…



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