What is a Community Garden or CSA?

community garden

Sustainable Community Gardens is a community-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation dedicated to the renewal of local, sustainable food systems. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. A person or family becomes a CSA member by buying a farm share before the beginning of the growing season. A member of a CSA forms a contractual relationship with a local farmer and then receives a weekly box of seasonal vegetable produce. The farmer commits to raising that produce with sustainable and environmentally responsible practices. CSA members form a partnership with their farmer and share in both the bounty and risk of farming, a model that helps farmers to keep on farming.

I want to share my second season journey with my Long Island CSA – Fox Hollow Farms. It is a small family owned and operated farm located in South Huntington, NY. After years of being a premier location and supplier for specialized perennials like dozens of different exotic Hosta species and Day Lilies of extraordinary colors, the family  (Larry Foglia & Heather Forest)  converted their property into an amazing CSA. 2013 is their 2nd year of growing fresh vegetables, herbs and flowers. The vegetables are hand picked (with love of course) and placed in bins for pick up. What a gift to know where your food is coming from. I will share my experience with you as we go from one harvest into the next. I will even share the tasty recipes that come with each pickup.

It is a magical place. Even the lady bugs are bigger than usual. Oh, did I mention that they have families of Barn Swallows each year that find sanctuary for their young in one of the barns.

community garden 2community garden 3


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  1. Love that you’ve highlighted their garden.


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