Tips to Help Cancer Patients Ease Into a Detox Diet

Detox Diet For Breast Cancer

Begin a Detox Diet for Breast Cancer

Cancer patients often wonder if they’re healthy enough to start a detox diet, which is a plant-based or vegan diet that has a cleansing effect on the body. Even though it’s common to doubt your readiness and the potential benefits of such an endeavor when you’re coping with cancer, now is the time to embrace optimism and hope. It can be easy to lose hopefulness after hearing your diagnosis and your doctor going over your prognosis.

The therapeutic effect of a vegan diet on cancer is increasingly being studied worldwide, and the results are inspiring many patients to try a plant-based diet. The key for cancer patients is to ease into cleaner eating habits. Patients may be able to improve their health with following a healthy diet throughout the course of their cancer treatment. The following tips will help you transition and maintain your healthy efforts:

  • Decide to take it slow. Setting an intention to ease into a detox has a powerful effect on the mind and heart. It’s easy to become hard on yourself or feel disheartened if you slip up. By setting the intention to slowly transition into a detox diet, we send reaffirming signals to our ego, psyche and greater self. When we love ourselves, we heal ourselves.
  • Set a progressive plan. Whether you identify yourself as a planner or not, setting some simple guidelines will help you ease into a cleaner diet. The plan should gradually guide you into a more plant-based diet, week by week. A plant-based nutritionist can help you create a plan if this feels overwhelming for you, and many books are available for those who like to research.
  • Be patient and optimistic. The first week or two of consuming a cleaner diet will encourage the body to detoxify. Some mild side effects like headaches, fatigue or body aches are common and are actually a good sign that your efforts are working. Don’t get discouraged by the side effects of cleaner eating, because this phase will soon pass. Taking it slow will reduce side effects, and drinking purified water will help to flush out toxins. Remain optimistic, and consider using encouraging mantras or quotes to motivate you through challenges.
  • Use natural remedies. If mild side effects do arise, use natural remedies. A detox bath does wonders for body aches, skin detoxification and overall rejuvenation. Draw a hot bath, and mix in Epson salt or pink Himalayan salt, powered ginger, organic apple cider vinegar, or essential oils like tea tree oil, eucalyptus or lemongrass. Soak for 20 minutes or more, drink extra water, and follow with rest.
  • Celebrate even the smallest achievements. Finding little ways to reward your accomplishments — even if that is one day or one week of clean eating — will encourage you to keep up with a plant-based diet. Reward yourself with a gentle yoga class, a massage or any other relaxing experience you enjoy. Positive reinforcement will train the mind and body to maintain the good habits.

Keeping a journal and having friends or family available for support will help you through potential detox effects. These effects should feel relatively gentle and manageable, and if they don’t, contact your oncologist to discuss your symptoms. Taking care of yourself is of utmost importance, so remain mindful of your clean eating habits and move through this journey one day at a time.

Author bio: Michelle Whitmer has been a medical writer and editor for The Mesothelioma Center since 2008. Focused on the benefits of natural and holistic healing for cancer patients, Michelle is a certified yoga instructor and earned her B.A. in Environmental Studies from Rollins College in Florida. 

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