Hello my friends…Greetings from Diana’s Desk.  Wishing you all good health, much love and plenty of resolve.

I can’t begin to tell you how incredibly excited I am about sharing Breast Cancer Yoga’s NEW “Get Inspired“ Blog. Each chosen contributor has an outstanding depth of knowledge in their field of study, and it is clear that they love what they are doing. Their article posts will provide great opportunities for YOU, for change, happiness and good health. Our mission is to get you excited about new things, new ways and new ideas. I want you to become inspired to reach good health; happily manage recovery and enjoy life (again).

Help is on it’s way – All we need do is ask the experts, “the light workers” to share their knowledge, give us their fresh inspiration and honest talk. Just as the truth is truth whether anyone listens there is much valuable and life changing information to be heard.

Every contributor was so excited about sharing. We now have this amazing family of authorities.  They are going to share facts, safe tips, how to’s, easy recipes, special poses, and the necessary tools to make positive changes. I want this blog to give you the ability to raise your life energy, feel vital and even make you laugh. Let life become the adventure it truly was meant to be. Learn from it. I consider every contribution a gift for change.

Now for our special contributors, I want to thank everyone that is sharing a part of themselves, or a part of their experience so that others may benefit. This could not be done without you. Thank you for caring, and for sharing.

Diana Ross

In our first addition I would like to introduce two women that have forever changed my life through yoga and herbs. Starting first with our featured guest, or person-of-interest, my Sat Guru, Yogini Kali Ray, affectionately called Kaliji. Kaliji will share her insights to achieving a happy and better balanced life by talking about AHIMSA (non-violence). She spoke recently at Columbia University on this subject. Supporting a vegan lifestyle that helps protect the planet, the animals and us. It is my honor to introduce her to you now. After spending 18 years with Kaliji I have come to see her as divine example of compassion and change.  Thank you Kaliji.

Patricia Howell

Then I will introduce Patricia Krysiti Howell. She inspired me to love Mother Earth and all of her beautiful and healingplants. And I mean that from the bottom of my heart. There is so much joy around plant life. I remember the first time I really met the outgoing personalty of a rose, or the shyness of Goldenseal. How some plants like to be stepped on like Plantain. I found myself reading my  Materia medica book constantly. Thank you Patricia.

You will also find that this blog is focused on a plant based vegan diet with Vegan Chefs that will share their great and tasty recipes. Complementary Therapies that beg to be tried. Personal stories of hope and opportunity. Spiritual inspiration, talks on self care and self love. Gardening tips and tricks by my favorite person, Margaret Roach from A Way To Garden. You must visit her site and see what I am talking about. Also introducing our own Garden Coach, Regina Dlugokencky who has a flare for helping us make gardening easy.  The list goes on and on; after all we have over 30 contributors and growing.

My daughter, Dawn, my granddaughter,Desiree and I  want you to leave this blog with some Aha’s and maybe even some OMG’s after reading the content. Keep spreading it. Can’t wait to hear what you think. Post your comments or tweet us.

Blessings of light,

Diana, Dawn and Desiree

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  1. very nice!


  2. This will be a fantastic journey!


    • Thank you. It already is. My granddaughter, Desiree and my daughter, Dawn did a superior job putting it together in a beautiful format (mostly Desiree’s artist talents), and the contributors are the best.


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