Breast Cancer Recovery Walking Meditation

Walking Meditation

Walking Meditation

Well there are many of us who just don’t or can’t sit still. The mind takes over and we struggle with quieting ourselves. We can’t sit, we need to move around so why not a walking meditation. The picture I shared of a path in the woods is from my morning meditative walk with my dog, “Happy Riley”. We both so look forward to this time. He smiles the entire walk.

To begin YOUR walk you need to be conscious of your footsteps, and your pacing. You want to breath in feeling the your expand inside you and walk with slow and deliberate steps. Feel the earth under you feet. Notice if you feel light or heavy. Is your chest lifted or is it drooping forward? Be as comfortable as possible. Now notice everything. Let you vision expand to every space. Smell the air. Is it crisp? Is there a breeze? Notice everything. Just be mindful of your surroundings.

Now notice your breath. Without taking control of your breath, allow it feel natural and satisfying. Let your arms and hands dangle to your side body or maybe in your pockets. I personally love pockets. Feel your inhaling breath come and expand your chest; now let your exhaling breath release thoughts that may take you away from this walking meditation. Walk if you can for 15/30 minutes. Then when you reach home see if you can sit comfortably and quietly for 5 minutes. Set an intention for your day. This could be the start of a great restorative walking meditation.

Diana Ross
Breast Cancer Yoga

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  1. rachelpappas says:

    What a beautiful website – gorgeous, calming photos, lots of good, positive info as far as what we can do for ourselves moving forward. I will be coming back to visit!

    Oh, and walking meditation is something I do. My mind races so much that it helps me only some at this point and I am sure will help even more once I get other stuff under control. But being out in nature, feeling the sun on my face while I’m moving is NICE.


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