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Laura at Selby Gardens Sarasota Florida

Laura at Selby Gardens Sarasota Florida

By Laura Sposato-Record

Most of us are familiar with the quote, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” Its source is unknown but the meaning is clear. My lessons often come from the pages of books that literally jump off the shelf or someone has given me in a time of need. I own a library of books that have helped me evolve and ascend – the message was intended for me at the precise time and space. So it was with Ask and it is Given Learning to Manifest Your Desires, by Esther and Jerry Hicks. A good friend gave me the book after my second diagnosis of cancer almost six years ago.

For anyone not familiar with the authors, Abraham speaks messages of spirit and wisdom through Esther. During my treatment for breast cancer, this book became my best friend. I journaled every morning, reading passages, creating my own personal affirmations. Abraham spoke to me and I began to listen intently. I knew this journey had to be from a place of peace, harmony, and gratitude.
How would I get there?

You experience immediate emotions to help you understand the direction of your thought.

Any diagnosis of cancer is emotionally devastating and can send us into a tailspin of thoughts and emotions. We battle, fight, win, lose, succumb. We are called warriors and survivors. Our post-treatment is often fraught with depression, dread, and fear.

My quality of life was influenced by a pattern of thinking that reinforced anxiety and heightened adrenaline arousal.
It is physiologically impossible to be happy and sad, relaxed and tense, muscularly flexed and extended at the same time. The opponent-process system is how we maintain homeostasis or balance in the body. When we experience a cluster of positive emotions, the harmony creates a symphony of hormones and neurotransmitters that sing a song of positive vibrational resonance. Our immune system responds by creating a physiological environment to assist healing and gain peace of mind.

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

I began to write down all the words that elicited a sense of desire and well being. Words and phrases like welcome the possibilities, move towards well-being, and health is your birthright began flowing. Each morning I would recite these affirmations before leaving my bed. The constant adrenaline rush was slowly being replaced by an inner calm and a KNOWING when my thoughts needed redirecting. As I practiced and became more mindful, my emotional guidance system started to kick in. People in my life were noticing a shift in my vibration and it became contagious.

Vibrational shifting is usually a gradual process.

When we experience a shift in consciousness, a feedback systems prompts us to keep the stream of well being flowing through us. For most of us, change is gradual; two steps forward, one step back. Abraham describes a scale of over 22 emotions ranging from joy which is similar to a full tank of gas, as fear, grief, and depression indicates to us that we are far away from our Source or well being. Our progressive vibrational change is possible when we recognize the processes given to us by Abraham that help us manifest our desires.

My journey continues as I undergo treatment for a recurrence of ovarian cancer diagnosed 14 years ago. Today I meditate, practice restorative yoga, and use food as my pharmacy. Life is full of love, hope, desire, and passion for educating and mentoring. The medical/health team that treats me, uses positive, uplifting, healing statements. I have trained them that words are powerful. Dr. Drullinsky tells me, “Just keep doing what you are doing, Laura.” Roger that!

No one is ever promised a tomorrow, so today is my focus of attention. Direct your thoughts and life will unfold. Your lessons await you.

http://www.abraham- hickslawofattraction.com/lawofattractionstore/product/ASK.html 

Laura Sposato-Record

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  2. Hello.
    It is so good to read everything you wrote. I am sure it’s helping many people.
    It is interesting to note that I feel the same way in many respects to what you wrote.
    By the way, I love Sarasota, especially Siesta Key.
    If you would like information on using therapeutic grade essential oils and other holistic remedies, please visit my blog and site.

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