Spring Cleaning for the Liver

Spring Cleaning For The Liver

Spring Cleaning For The Liver – Lemons

 by Omnia Raza Mir Chishti

Spring is in full bloom here in the Pacific Northwest. Lilacs, wisteria, azaleas, all the blossoming trees, and tulips galore!  It’s a sight to behold.  The spring air is fresh, clear, and the sunshine is so welcomed.  Spring is a time of renewal, refreshing, and cleansing.  We are reminded of the time for “spring cleaning”, and a time to cleanse the body as well.  With just a bit of preparation and mindful intention, we can harness the power of renewal and rebirth, detoxifying our bodies and restoring optimal vitality, therefore greatly benefiting body, mind and spirit.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Spring is ruled by the wood element, which in turn regulates the liver and gall bladder.  A liver cleanse is then in order for the spring season.  With this, comes the need to support all the parts of the body, that work to eliminate and discharge toxins from the body.  Without support and cleansing these organs, we can create a toxic build-up leading to digestive distress, candida, congestion, and headaches.   Long-term, these toxic buildups can lead to more serious diseases.  It is firstly, important to prepare for the cleanse.  Gathering all the needed supplies, allowing time for the body to ease into the cleanse, and adequate rest is required.  Preparing the mind with intentions, affirmations, prayer, and meditation are equally important.  Lastly the body requires deep breathing, stretching, and movement.

A dietary cleanse can last from 3 to 21 days, or even longer.   Consider doing the cleanse in the following stages. The first stage is a Preparation Stage.  Ease into it by eliminating toxic foods like red meat, dairy, refined flour, caffeine, and sugar.  Then add in fresh juices, eating more organic vegetables, especially greens, as they will detoxify the system faster and eliminate cravings.   Then the more Intensive Stage eliminates all animal products and grains.  Now we add in heavier juicing of vegetables, green smoothies and a diet of raw or steamed organic vegetables. Fruits and fruit juices should be used lightly, or not at all because of the added sugars.  Adding a detoxifying drink of lemon and olive oil will greatly benefit your liver cleanse. The acids from the lemon will contract the liver, and the olive oil with ease out the toxins from your gall bladder.  Remove the peel of the lemon, then cut in quarters and remove the seeds. Then blend the lemon fruit with a cup and half of water, add a tablespoon of organic cold pressed olive oil and pinch of pink Himalayan salt.  Blend well and drink on an empty stomach at bedtime.  This detoxifying stage, can then be followed once again by the Preparation Stage.  The longer you can eat at this stage, the more vitality you will feel.

Remember to increase your fluid intake by drinking filtered, distilled or alkaline water, and herbal teas.  A facilitated cleanse with a Nutritionist, or Health Coach would further help to assist in a deeper cleanse and would address the specific needs of the individual. This provides a comprehensive program especially for anyone dealing with a health crisis.  They would also be able to include a specific  program of other healing modalities, herbs, supplements and super foods to further detoxify the body and insure optimal nutritional value.

Please note particularly for those that are new to detoxifying  or are currently in treatment for cancer or other illnesses,  do this under proper supervision and take your time introducing the raw foods. You may experience a detox reaction, for example, fatigue, nausea, diarrhea and dizziness. It is all good. The body is cleansing but again take your time.


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