9 Reasons Singing is GOOD for You During Breast Cancer

"Faerie" Elaine Silver Singer/Songwriter

“Faerie” Elaine Silver Singer/Songwriter

By  Elaine Silver

The plain fact is that singing is GOOD for you! It comes through your communication or 5th chakra, and is symbolized by the color blue. Sound therapist Jovita Wallace states, “Sound vibrations massage your aura, going straight to what’s out of balance and fixing it.” We all need a healthy throat center and we all need to communicate feelings of Truth, which serve the world. Science has shown many benefits of singing and chanting. Studies into the health benefits of singing conducted at Canterbury University showed positive associations between singing and feelings of well-being: Singing:

  1. improves one’s mood. It releases the same feel-good brain chemicals as sex and chocolate!
  2. is very effective as a stress reliever and improves sleep
  3. releases pain-relieving endorphins in the brain
  4. improves posture
  5. increases lung capacity
  6. clears sinuses and respiratory tubes
  7. improves mental alertness
  8. tones facial and stomach muscles
  9. boosts the immune system, helping to fight disease and prolonging life expectancy

Researchers at the University of Manchester have discovered that the sacculus, a little organ in the inner ear, responds to frequencies commonly found in music, and is connected to the part of the brain responsible for registering pleasure. This sacculus is only responsive to low frequency, high intensity sounds, which include singing, and it responds within a few seconds of hearing that kind of sound. So you get immediate pleasure when you sing, regardless of what it sounds like to anyone else. Now if there are no criticisms or put downs from anyone else to cause you pain, you ́ll find the experience enjoyable and get release of good old pleasure-giving endorphins as well. Singing provides catharsis across the full emotional spectrum. It can give a directly-experienced, felt-sense of happiness. It́’s a mood lifter and anti depressant with no side effects. And it has been clearly documented by many health professionals that mental and physical health are intimately linked.

As a high school student in the 70’s, I was accepted into All State Chorus, All North Jersey Chorus and attended summer camp at Westminster Choir College in Princeton, NJ. What I remember as the highlight of these experiences is the feelings of upliftment and even Oneness with the group dynamic, which also created a wonderful sense of community. And now as a presenter of a fusion- style kirtan, affectionately named “Kirtonica,” I am again feeling and helping to inspire the feeling in others, a sense of Oneness, as well as love, devotion, joy, bliss and light. Chanting creates an experience of the Divine within, and I can think of nothing better than to co-create this expanded awareness with a group of willing souls. This state is the ultimate in healing the entire being. Jai Bhagwan and Namaste’!

Written and compiled by “Faerie” Elaine Silver. Portions of this article were obtained on the Internet by googling “Health Benefits of Singing.” 
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