Ahimsa Trinity

By Kaliji

I am happy for this invitation from TriYoga® teacher and long time friend, Diana Ross, to share on the Ahimsa Trinity: Animal Rights, Human Health, Ecology.

KalijiHere in 2013 I am asked to write on Vegan, the plant based diet. On one level, it feels we should already know to treat all with compassion. In choosing the right diet for ourselves we must examine the level of compassion it offers. We all know the home cooked meal appears the best due to the love the mother feels while providing it for her children. The compassion can be felt in the food. In the same way, when we provide our body with the best food choices, we are showing a respect, a love for this body/temple. It is not easy to acquire a physical body on planet Earth. When we do, then a life of compassion allows us to make the most of this opportunity.

Our food choices directly effect our health, and all beings, including our planet. Mother Earth has provided us with the best food. It is the most compassionate diet for humans, while providing compassion toward animals and ecology. We need to see that our diet is based in compassion, or do we choose a diet that undermines our health while leaving a larger carbon footprint.

KalijianimalsThe way we feed our body is often a reflection on how we feed our mind, our soul. In the beginning, it is simply a lack of knowledge on this subject. But once we do know, then it becomes more about how we nourish ourselves and others in a compassionate way. This will reflect in our food choices.

I am thrilled to have an opportunity to speak for other energy beings who breathe air as we do ~ Though they may not speak our language of words as we know it ~ they do speak the language of the heart. On one hand I am grateful to be asked to speak for the animals who perhaps have not been heard; and on the other side do I really need to say what the heart already says if we would just listen inside?

Can words speak louder than the heart? Maybe not but we can share knowledge that speaks to the minds and hearts of those who need help to see, to feel on all levels. These animal friends have intelligence, emotions, desires, attachments, family, and love… oh do they ever have love. Look into your companion dog or cat and tell me they have no love. You love their love. You love them.

They are your family. Of course we would not consider eating them for a senseless meal.Yet, can we stop for a moment and ask what is the difference between a pig, cat, dog, or cow? The only difference is the conditioning in our thoughts. I have often thought of it like mass hypnotism telling us it is ok to take their life for a taste that we will soon forget. Even after the meal is passed, their family members cry for them. A cow is heard up to 6 weeks crying for their calves. We close our ears to their cries. This illusion covers the heart making us unable to feel the love of these beings. The darkness masks our mind and deludes us into thinking we are elegant eaters. The animals are not the only ones in pain. Our body soon suffers. At the time of death, maha prana transports the soul out of the body. The only prana remaining is the one that dissolves the body, the five elements. This was the last prana in the animal’s body. Thus, the effects from this type of diet are far reaching.

Wake up ~ the Mother Earth is crying. We have robbed her, stolen her children, feasted on their bodies after inhuman slaughter. Our resources are disappearing along with countless species. The planet is dissolving at record speed while over 60 billion animal souls crying not to be slaughtered while we leave them in tight cages, suffering unnatural everything.

Oh please wake up for the love of animal rights, human health, and ecology. We are blessed to incarnate on Earth. Let us celebrate love, life, and respect for all prana beings.



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of animal rights, human health & ecology


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  1. Praveen says:

    The author inspires to us. We do not listen, or we don’t want to. Only if we begin to live with no humanmade facilities, we would know the cry of animal kingdom.


  2. Juli Loupe says:

    Kaliji…you inspired me to go vegan in 1998. I can never thank you enough. I immediately lost weight, had more energy, and felt lighter in spirit. “Mass hypnotism” is a fitting term because based on the sadness I feel today about the suffering of our animal friends, I cannot imagine that I was so indifferent. Thank you for taking off the blinders of my awareness…for removing the cover of my heart to see Love for what it really is… Love that gives life, awareness, and emotion to all beings whether they have skin, fur, feathers, or scales.



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