Why Yoga Helps for Breast Cancer Recovery

Slumpy Swami Restorative YogaYoga creates harmony of mind and body. It has become center stage in the offerings of complementary therapies for breast cancer recovery.  Yoga is now offered in conjunction with other standards of medical care.

Physically yoga can be an extremely important part of recovery wellness.  It helps remove unwanted debris and toxins from the lungs, skin and colon.  By moving the body, stretching muscles and breathing deeply the toxins are physically released. This undoubtably helps cleanse the body.  Yoga will eliminate ama (toxic residue) from the cells, move the lymph through the lymphatic system, and bring the mind into clarity.  This clarity of mind encourages good decisions which then encourages more good decisions.

Emotionally yoga will remove anger, sadness and fear.  It will give you a sense of inner strength, balance and mental flexibility. The Autonomic Nervous System becomes balanced especially when synchronizing with the breath and the movement. Resulting in the mind settling down and the body feeling energized.

Make sure you begin with your  physicians approval. Find a well qualified yoga teacher.  Do what you can; maybe starting with a gentle or restorative yoga practice first.

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